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How To Deal With Burnout

It is easy to miss out on signs of burnouts, so the first we will look at some general sings:

  • forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating

  • diminished pride in your work

  • losing sight of yourself and your goals

  • difficulty maintaining relationships and being present with loved ones

  • frustration and irritability with co-workers

  • unexplained muscle tension, pain, fatigue, and insomnia

When you don't know exactly what needs to change, it can be difficult to make adjustments, but looking into the sources of stress in your life can be helpful. Burnout often relates to job and professional triggers, like the stress of an increasingly demanding job. But you could also experience burnout when:

  • having a rigorous academic schedule

  • dealing with relationship problems, especially ones that seem to circle with no resolution

  • caring for a loved one with a serious or chronic health condition

Trying to do too much on your own also creates an ideal environment for burnout to fester.

You could feel helpless after a burnout. Your life could seem to be moving too quickly for you to keep up with.

If burnout was caused by external sources, you can blame these events and find it difficult to comprehend how you can improve the situation.

Although the events that led you to this point may not have been within your control, you do have the ability to regain control and start the recharge process.

Start with the following advice:

  • Prioritize. Some things just have to get done, but others can wait until you have more time and energy. Decide which tasks are less important and set them aside.

  • Delegate. You can’t do everything yourself, so if more tasks than you can handle need immediate attention, pass them off to someone you trust.

  • Leave work at work. Part of burnout recovery is learning to prioritize work-life balance. After leaving work, focus on relaxing and recharging for the next day.

  • Be firm about your needs. Talk to others involved and let them know what’s happening. Explain that you need some support in order to take care of your health and manage your workload productively.

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