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 Our Vision

“Normalize and accept seeking mental help and counselling; making it accessible and affordable for people.”

TUNE in MIND can assist you if any of the aforementioned experiences apply to how you or a loved one are experiencing. We are passionate, experienced, and well-trained to assist people in recognising and overcoming a range of mental health difficulties.

The services that TUNE in MIND offers to clients who need assistance resolving problems that have an impact on their lives are collectively referred to as “Clinical Mental Health Counselling”. These issues can be personal or behavioural, emotional, marital, occupational, rehabilitative, educational, or life-stage-related.

We at TUNE in MIND have a well-rounded approach towards each individual and their uniqueness, in dealing with them. We create a safe and trust-worthy environment for individuals to express their feelings, apprehensions or in general. 

Meet The Team

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